Glitch 2

(artfwo) #61

Yep, that’s exactly the feature that I’ve been requesting above.

(Loolarge) #62

:yeah:/> :guitar:/>

could not resist …

I so far did not have any problems with the vst. Too bad that there is no manual. I figured the way to “play” the plugin is create an instrument-instance from it.

My favourite effect is the tape stop, good for little wobbly bleeps

(dblue) #63

Glitch udpated 2.0.1 now available from

Some important bug-fixes for Mac users, plus some general tweaks and stability improvements for all platforms.


(hseiken) #64

Eh…from Free to ‘Fuck me’, i’ll pass.

(dblue) #65

If you don’t find Glitch 2 to be interesting/different/new/whatever enough for your personal tastes, then that’s totally fine and I will respect your opinion.

But please don’t complain about the fact that it’s not free any more. It’s pretty naive to expect that I would put so much work into this thing over so many years and just continue to give it away forever.

Can’t a man try to earn a living doing something he loves?

(artfwo) #66

I came here to request a vertical block moving feature and found that it’s already implemented in the latest update, great work! :D

(.xrns) #67

He can, and should.

(Jalex) #68

HOW??? I can not understand how it include?

(dblue) #69
  • Draw a block in the sequencer.
  • Grab the middle of the block with your left mouse button and simply drag it into a new position.

Note: This is only for rearranging the sequencer pattern data, not rearranging the effect modules.

(Jalex) #70

thnx. thats cool

(phobium) #71

Why no free bro??? you only spent liek a few years making it, so why go all capitalist-pig on us bro???

Anyways, great to see v2 finally done. Congrats! :)

(Khades) #72

and linux??? :o

(a773) #73

Just bought it (linux user here), looking forward to (ab)using it!

(Void Pointer) #74

Having played with it all day, I will conclude that it is fucking awesome. The product feels INCREDIBLY polished, and the new features are really mindblowing.

I highly recommend it to everyone who was remotely interesting in the original. Or well, I recommend it anyone really :)

Top notch stuff Kieran. Thank you for this awesome plugin, available at such a remarkably low price (!!!).

(a773) #75

Ok, this is probably not the place, but I hope I’ll survive.

How do I change scene from renoise? IOW, how do I send midi notes to glitch? I’m on linux, if it matters?

(dblue) #76

To send MIDI notes into a VST effect, you must use a Plugin FX Alias instrument.

Add Glitch to a track as usual. Then open your plugin instrument list and look at the top. Expand the “VST alias” group and you’ll find Glitch in there. Load it like any other instrument. Now any notes you play on that instrument will go directly into the Glitch effect instance.

(a773) #77

Thanks, I overlooked that, sorry!

(dblue) #78

No worries, mate!

At some point I would like to put up some basic starter songs/projects for all the popular hosts. So for example, I’d have an .XRNS available with Glitch pre-loaded and the FX alias instrument already configured.

(mSepsis) #79

“The demo version … will periodically output some subtle background noise.”

sounds like a feature to me :)

nice plugin - especially when patched through an instance of audio damage bitcom :)

(dblue) #80

It really is funny to me, but quite a few people have said the same thing, haha. When moving to the full version, they actually miss the soothing noise from the demo.

I think my next plugin will be a white noise ocean simulator for relaxation purposes :)