Glitch 2

(OutOfSpace) #101

Thanks for the quick reply.

I just want to replace old versions of Glitch used in my tracks with the new one, so as soon as old “tricks” gо back I’ll buy Glitch.

(joule) #102

Maybe you’ve already seen this, but I noticed that Avicii is using glitch in this video :)

(novemberist) #103

Awesome plugin and kudos to the dev for offering a linux version (lv2 would be nice though). But I honestly think it is a little overpriced. I know it’s worth it in a way and no doubt there was a lot of work involved in its creation, but 60€ is quite a lot for what in many peoples works is just a nice extra gimmick.
Maybe I will just have to wait for a sale or something…

(vV) #104

Perhaps he should ask 599 quit for it. I bet more fancy producers out there will buy it then ;).

(novemberist) #105

That’s probably actually true … I know I would ;)

(dblue) #106
  • €50 EUR / $60 USD

I do understand if you find it a bit too expensive anyway. I know it won’t be for everyone, especially since the previous version was free for most of its lifetime. It’s really tough to come up with a price for something, but overall I do feel like the price is pretty fair, when considering the work involved and other similar products out there.

Just to give a bit more context to this, I’ve listed some other products below that I consider to be roughly similar to Glitch, or just in the same basic category of achieving “glitchy” sounds. As you can see, Glitch isn’t the cheapest of the bunch, but definitely isn’t the most expensive either.

(novemberist) #107

True, although +VAT/MwSt significantly raises the price tag for me as a customer. I didn’t intend to say it was too expensive for what it is and compare it to other/similar products. It’s just a little too pricey for my specific usecase as a hobby musician who just wants to add some little extra flavor to his tracks at the moment, I guess. I might give it a shot once I have some money to spare and already bought the more essential stuff.

So keep up the good work and keep supporting the linux platform also, please :)

(dblue) #108

Hey, absolutely no problemo.

If you’re already a Renoise user, then you can do most of the stuff that Glitch does anyway… with some creative pattern command usage :)

Tape Stop? Pitch slide down command 0Dxx

Reverser? Sample reverse command 0B01

Retrigger? Retrigger command 0Rxy

Stretcher? Sample offset command 0Sxx

And so on.

Takes a bit more work with the manual sample hacking, but you can get there in the end :)

(Bungle) #109

Those prices are a bit skewed too, most of those plugins have been reduced massively recently in one sale or another from MF and so on (Not including the excellent Sequent which would always be my first choice anyway)

(dblue) #110

All prices were sourced directly from the manufacturer’s website, and were accurate at the time of posting. I provided links to all the product pages, so you can easily double check this yourself. When the manufacturer did not provide prices in both €EUR and $USD currencies, I used to convert the currency and labelled all such conversions with “roughly …”

Of course there may be special offers from time to time, seasonal sales, group buys, cheap used copies for sale on KvR, and so on. But I don’t think there’s much point in listing sale prices in such a comparison, is there? You may be waiting forever for such a sale price to resurface, and may never get the same bargain again. So if you wanted to buy any of those products brand new today, the prices I listed are what you’re most likely to pay.

(Daed) #111

On the topic of additional effects, will there ever be any sorts of spectral/FFT effects added?

(dblue) #112

I’m not really a big enough DSP guru to write such stuff from scratch myself, but I could potentially take a look at existing FFT libraries and see what nifty things can be done.

I doubt I could ever compete with the psychedelic weirdness of Darrel Barrel’s DtBlkFx, though :)

(Daed) #113

I’m a selfish Linux-using bastard with pretty shoddy (mostly python) coding knowledge and zero DSP knowledge.

Closest thing I get to DTBLKFX is FreqTweak. :P

(dangayle) #114

Hate to resurrect an old thread, but any timing on when the shuffler effect will be returned to Glitch?

(E.J.) #115

Hate to resurrect an old thread, but any timing on when the shuffler effect will be returned to Glitch?

I just dug up this thread to ask the same :slight_smile: ?

(Blaster) #116

There’s a new update and the shuffler effect is back.

(E.J.) #117

There’s a new update and the shuffler effect is back.

And it sounds better than ever! The whole plugin is just next level! Spectacular work Dblue :dribble:

(pyc) #118

I’m trying to sync Renoise and Glitch2 so when the pattern in Renoise starts, I want Glitch2 to also start from the beginning. Now it’s starts somewhere from the middle, and it seems that If I move notes in the pattern, the starting position in Glitch2 moves too, but I want the first position in pattern to be synced to starting position in Glitch2’s sequencer. Hope I explained well, someone please help me?


(The Empty Self) #119

i dont know if i can explain this well enough but its the same with effetrix in FL or any daw it seems that the clock of the vst syncs with the one in the daw so its reading the position in beats bar etc and the current position of your arrangement i dont know if that makes sense

if this is corrent if you play the beginning of the song starting from the 1st bar it should play from the beginning ! right ?

(pyc) #120

Yes, I’ve tried to make one empty song and setup the Glitch2 VST alias first, and it plays everything from the beginning… But the one track I’m working on won’t play from the beginning, and I’m introducing Glitch2 somewhere in the middle of a track.