Glitch 2

(Bungle) #121

So is the development on this plugin as dead as Renoise now, I have emailed support and just been ignored, this really needs more than 4 beats on the retrigger transitions and more than 8 beats on the sequence too, could really do with more than 16 presets in a ban too.
Have these guys abandoned all their audio software now ?

(lilith) #122

I don’t know about Glitch, but RENOISE is for sure not dead.

(Bungle) #123

You do not know that for sure at all, unless you are Taktik, because other than one post that says he has time for Renoise, two months ago, nothing, until there is a release you know nothing for sure.

(dblue) #124

If you need more precise timing sync, then I would probably recommend using Glitch’s “Gate” or “Latch” trigger modes instead.

Every scene in Glitch is linked to one of the 128 available MIDI notes, so when you send a MIDI note into Glitch it will trigger the start of that particular scene.

Insert Glitch as an effect on the desired track as usual, then create a new instrument in Renoise with a VST FX Alias that links to that instance of Glitch. Now when you play notes on that instrument, it will trigger the scene in Glitch to start from the beginning.

Add the trigger notes to your song at any desired position in time, and your Glitch scenes should sync up perfectly.

Quick demo song: dblue-2019-03-16-glitch-midi-demo.xrns (216.2 KB)

(dblue) #125

I’m sorry for the delay in my email response. Development is not dead, I’m just taking a break from things at the moment, as I have more important personal issues going on in my life right now. I do intend to get back to it eventually, though. That’s all I can really say at this point.

(Bungle) #126

Well at least you are honest, time to move on.

(pyc) #127

Thanks a lot! Will try that.

(dblue) #128

Don’t miss the demo .XRNS I posted in my reply above. Should get you up and running :slight_smile:

(Meef Chaloin) #129

Guess I’ll take the bait.
Why does that response mean moving on?