Global Envelope A Pattern?

Morning All,

Been spending more time using the envelopes feature for samples in renoise. Finding it really useful working on ‘call&response’ drum patterns and giving some movement and depth to bass sounds using cut-off/pitch etc.

But, without having to render a whole pattern to sample, is there a way of having a global envelope for a track on a pattern? I can only see it appears to be linked to each note - almost re-trigging each time one is played.

I hope I’m right in thinking each beat has 24 ticks - so if I am working @160bpm with a lpb of 8 and pattern length of 64 I do 8x24 to give me a envelope resolution that matches my pattern length.

I would find it really useful to have the envelope mapped to the whole pattern, so I could set events happening at measures 16,32 and 48 - but can this be done without having to render a selection to sample?

Hope this makes sense -

Instrument Envelopes are of course per note, wouldn’t be much use as envelopes on a polyphonic instrument if they weren’t.

If you want something over the entire track add a DSP (Filter) and give it some Automation (or control via LFO.)