Global Groove

Help me understand this yoke.Parameters 0 to 7 represent what?Can anybody give me a good example of the groove setting being put to good use?Anybody know any cool/weird tricks with it?

Anybody!!! :o

Try making a track filled with short hihat tics (every line), and play it back with very low bpm. Then mess with lpb and the sliders, and you will see if it makes sense.

I think you can view the sliders as the extra delay between the first number 16th and the second, or rather shifting every 2nd 16th ahead in time thus making it play shorter. So for 4lpb, the 0&1 slider will mean shifting notes on line 1 closer to line 2 in time. Like this, the 2&3 slider will shift line 3 ahead in time. With low bpm you will see in the pattern editor that the whole pattern advances at the new “jumpy” speed.

It will react to the lpb setting. So an lpb of 8 (enabling 32th notes) will mean the first silder (0&1) will shift line 2 and 3 ahead in time, but making each last the same (faster to catch up the delay!) amount of time. So if the 0&1 slider is in action, line 0 and 1 will run normally, then a pause, and line 2 and 3 will play faster to fill the shorter space that is left until line 4 - with the right setting you can for example make line 2,3 and 4 timed like a triplet.

Funny also is, if you choose a lower lpb than 4 (I just tested 2 and 1), the shuffle between lines is still kept, but then only the first two (lpb 2) or only the first (lpb 1) seem to have effect.

Don’t know about the mayhem of using a non-power-of-2 lpb settings. This does something. Maybe you wish to find out yourself, as I have no time and muse right now to listen to hihat tracks at slow speed.

Imo the global groove settings are most noticeable when you keep all of the 4 sliders at the similar values. Dunno if the presets are native’ly pre-configured after install, but over here clicking through them from 1 - 10 will increase the groove amount of all sliders with 10% every time.

An example of it being used; there’s a global on/off command for groove (ZGXX with 01 = enable & 00 =off). You could have a section of 4 patterns playing without groove, than have the same 4 patterns but with groove enabled (for example every slider @ 50%) to create a variation of the same, but with shuffle for a different feel.

For 4/4 measures, settings in the line of like 10 - 20 - 10 - 30 make a lot sense to me. Or a sloppy 0 - 0 - 0 - 20 to make just the last note or each bar be delayed a bit. So the multi sliders DO make sense, at least to my ears. small percentage settings are subtle of course, but comparing the same loop straight and then with groove you’ll might get what turns you on subcosciously.

Oh I forgot another finding for lpb > 4: not only are the 2nd half of each 1/8 squashed together to play faster, the first half seems to get stretched so the first 2 (lpb 8) or 4 (lpb 16) notes will play slower. Evenly spread. So I guess the sliders move a kind of “center” point in the pattern timing ahead in time, and interpolate the speeds before/after evenly.