Global Lfo Device?

Hi there
I would like to layer few VST synths and control their cut off frequency from one LFO.
Not sure if this is possible… but it would make my Renoise life so much easier. Cheers

Yeah, I don’t think you can. I personally would love to see a multi target LFO within that chn for any fx in that chn . .

But at the moment, I’m just in love with renoise in general, I’ll work around what ever it throws at me … lol, maybe I’m in buzz denial.

I thought you could add an automation device for a synth
and then LFO that automation device? I could be very wrong tho…

this is absolutly correct, and this is actually a really good way for making things micro-humanized.
like subtle changes and stuff like that. And also, adding a Lfo to the lfo again for moving those changes

lfo to filter
lfo2 to lfo filter-parameter.