Global Mixer Presets

Renoise has a global view preset (at the top right of the screen) with 7 slots. I would like to see this same concept applied to the Mixer. Similar buttons could be placed under the current [Post]-button at the most right of the mixer window.

Basically you would then use the buttons to store/recall different mixer layouts. So for example, if you De-activate/mute the VST effects on 3 channels, modify the volume sliders on 7 channels and modify the pan values on 2 channels – you could store those changes into one of the preset slots.

And then switch between different setups (A/B-like) just by pressing the buttons and compare.

Very good idea! Ideally it would save the whole FX chains, even added/deleted or different VSTs. Also maybe not only an A/B button, but a few more would be useful. One could store a preset for normal home mastering, a setup for vinyl, one setup without compressors to send it away to a mastering studio and so on.

as i modified my default template for renoise a couple of days ago,i thought about how nice it would be to have something like this.

as beatslaughter said it would be really nice to have different set-ups for different mixes and stuff

I hardly use the mixer screen in Renoise, what do you guys do in there?

I mute channels in the scope, + keep track of volume levels with patterncommands and/or the automation window. Maybe near the end of the song creation I’ll check the mixers vu’s and what not, maybe I’m losing out on some great workflow…please share.

I hardly use the mixer too, but Transcender’s suggestion is not just mixer-related. Having presets for all effect parameters will certainly ease the mix/mastering workflow.


To be honest i rarely use the mixer for actual mixing (happened though). I kinda misuse the mixer to get an overview over my automated plugin parameters and quick resorting or doubling of FX. Everytime i add automation in the song, i make sure the corresponding slider is visible in the mixer and also hide all the ones, which aren’t automated…

I would like an A/B switch that works with scope and columns states! Every track can be either muted or “off”, and columns can be “off”. Simple, powerful :slight_smile:

Uhhh, that’s clever! I might use that idea with my MIDI mappings instead.