Global Search And Replace Notes

when experimenting and re-factoring in songs it would sometimes be very useful if you were able to do a global “search and replace” of notes (or other values).

it would be very useful if you could choose the “scope” for this search and replace; eg. “within whole song”, “within track”, “within pattern”, “within selection”, etc. etc.

ok, that’s suggestion 3 and the last of mine for now,
thanks for listenning ;)

I think in the next version with scripting these things could be done easily(?).

Yes… It’ll fit well with advanced edit I think :P

could be.

i got a lot of feedback in the irc channel about using the right panel next to the track editor for doing some of this too, but what i had in mind was more of a direct “textual” search and replace that you could use on any values in any columns and limitable by scope (including “selection” scope).

Oh, you are talking about searching and replacing ANY values if I get it right:D Well I think it’s even a better idea!!