Globalish Hex/dec

just found the ‘sync’ option in the sample editor. i am both offended and elated at the same time! . the cranky oldschool guy in me is like “NO WE HAD TO WALK THROUGH FOUR MILES OF SNOW WITHOUT SHOES AT FIVE IN THE MORNING IN ORDER TO FIGURE OUT THE TIMING FOR A LOOP”, but then the part of me who is strapped for time is like, wow, that is an awesome feature.

so anyway, hi5 for the awesome feature. i have been using renoise again for about two days now and i currently fail to express into english how much joy it is that it kicks tracking straight up the ass of 2008!

it is possible to have it conform to the value of what i have set for hex/decimal viewing?

it seems to be base-10 regardless.

if not, i can understand, since the hex/dec option does say explicitly: POSITION number format; and i can imagine how it may be the case that the sample editor may not easily have visibility into the value of that preference setting; but if it is worth anything, i would find it valuable for things to be hex as globally as possible.

eg, in the sync field, it seems to me that you specify the number of rows you would like C-4 to equate to.

i’d like to enter ‘40’ (0x40) there instead of ‘64’, b/c that’s what is intuitive to how i’ve trained my brain to deal with trackers, and thus i enjoy selecting the hex option.

if this is nontrivial to add, or everyone is against the concept, i will not make a fuss.

The hex/dec in the preferences is a personal choice if a user is confused by the hex numbers in the pattern editor, but nothing else besides the display mode of the row numbering is being changed unfortunately.
Yes the sync option is decimal based.
Fully switching to dec-system never hurt anyone so far. You get used to it and figures like 16, 32, 48 and 64 are (or at least should be!) well known amongst hex geeks.

How about Renoise recognize the prefix 0x in the dialogues that accept digits?

C and languages with a similar syntax (C++, C#, Java, …) recognize as 0x as a hex number, maybe this is more reasonable than a global preference from the Renoise coding POV?

While I’m on the subject… I heard a legend that the # prefix in the effects list search box would display active VST/Effects. What ever happened to that?