Go Exagerate™


Just a piece of advice… If you are having troubles in playing back or working on songs with VSTis that use many samples (eg. The Grand (1.3Gb), Virtual Guitarist (1.6Gb), Halion String Edition (5GB)), then the first thing to do is probably to upgrade your RAM amount…

I was having lots of troubles playing a song (NOTHING was played smoothly, and there were saturation and a short delay before each new pattern) and then I upgraded RAM from 512Mb to 1,5Gb… seems like an exageration but if you use such kind of VSTis then go for it!

More samples are automatically preloaded and now the song plays smoothly! But it’s only usefull if you use lots of VSTis and samples.

Moreover you’ll experience a significant increase in speed of you computer when loading applications or even VSTis. Now all my VSTis open in seconds instead of 1 minute for some of them before…

Hope this helps somehow… :unsure: