go-to pattern

when i’m working on quite a full song (especially one where the tracks are very wide and therefore can only display very few on screen at once), it can become annoying having to hit tab over and over to try and find the track i’m looking for.

i was thinking it would be very useful to have a vertical list of all the tracks, and you could click the name of one to automatically go to it. but i figured this would make there be even LESS room to display pattern data. so how about a small button somewhere that brings up a context menu? you click a button, a list of tracks appears, you click the one you want to see, and you’re there. that would be great, and would also make naming your tracks a lot more useful… possibly even ‘neccessary.’ ;)

again, sorry if this is already suggested or planned. :) :)

Something that might help a bit: Check the keyboard config section.
There are shortcuts for jumping one track (ie not one column) at a time and one page of tracks. Not all of them are assigned to default keys.

why don’t you just rightclick on the track name in the track scopes?

we shoul really start writing down all these little hints that make the trakking much easier and faster. Maybe in a FAQ or something like this …

Taktik, that’s one of the best ideas you had, and still you have had some really great ideas!! :) This should be high prio as this would put some load off the forum (and you developers).

ah, thanks. didnt realise that worked. i usually don’t have the scopes up. ;)