Gobbler Needs Renoise Support!

Gobbler is a relatively new dropbox-like cloud service. The thing thats different is that it’s solely for DAW and DVW files.
With 5 free gigs it’s pretty awesome, what’s less awesome is that Renoise files are not (yet) supported.
We - need - Renoise - support - in - Gobbler - !

Well, I’m not shure that I need Gobbler

Why are you not shure?

I would totally love it.

If i understood right, Gobbler addresses projects utilizing multiple large files.

As Renosie keeps it all in one single (zipped) file, the advantage of using Gobbler instead of conventional clouds would be minimum at best.

I might be wrong though. ^_^

It wouldn’t be such a bad idea to optionally have a renoise folder project with all the distinct data piece separately. In this way the program would only have to save the parts that actually have been changed which would be quick.

Imagine, that you have a 100 meg song that you have to save after that many changes in the pattern editor? What Renoise does is saving the whole wave data even only a pattern has been changed. Not only it has to write the entire song to disk, it also has to flac the sample date each time and zip the whole project afterwards. That is not very efficient in terms how much time it takes for each minor alteration to be saved.

Yes there is lots of things that could (and SHOULD) be improved in XRNS saving:

  1. Option to save as open directory structure instead of ZIP.
  2. Do not resave samples
  3. Optimize XML. Don’t create XML for empty lines, etc.
  4. Save plugin binary blobs as .dat files instead of Base64 encoded string in XML.

Not only would the open directory saving considerably increase the saving time, it would also allow users to use some normal version control system like subversion to keep revisions of the song.

you mean decrease

That’s a cool idea!! REALLY. But… it should be possible right, I mean, there’s Lua zip io functionality… isn’t there a svn lib for lua somewhere? :D

edit… at first I had removed the rest of the quote because I simply disagreed with the whole ‘saving plain directory’ thing… The speed thing, 'specially with big samples would be a plus. Maybe renoise could keep a directory saving whil e running, then zip it to xrns when quitting. Then integrate svn/git style version control with commits and forks. Easy buttons. mmmmmmmm. haha

No need to, actually i am working with an 180 meg xrns currently, and i have to deactivate auto-save to be able to work kind of fluently.

I’d fully support any optimization in the file-saving process!

(Which would probably make Gobbler an option, to get back on topic ^_^)