Gocab (mix) Live Set From Ekkofest.

GoCab (artist from Bergen)
Live 35.minutes mix from the Norwegian festival (EKKOfest) in Bergen,
this link will go away really soon, so be quick and listen :D


type: dnb.idm.noise

have a nice week!


Very nice! Thanks!

thnx ! :walkman:


Hehe… thanks for listening! I’m fixing the eq etc. on the liveset at the moment. Most of it is made in renoise, rendered as loops and structured again in Ableton Live. :)

I have been getting some nice feedback thanks to the link, so I’ll let it stay for a bit longer.

oh my! didn’t know you where a renoise man GoCab. :D

C u next year on Ekko i hope.
moving down there. :)

Good stuff!