God Thread

Don’t you hate it when God comes down with his grubby big finger and squashes you flat? :blink:


In other news, the self proclaimed “Thumb of god” has been sighted in east Melbourne knocking over buildings and levitating cows.

don’t you hate it when people talk about their imaginary friend?

p.s. what happened


Hey foo?, what’s up?

First you write this long post about “what’s the point in music making”, and now you’re talking about God crushing you.

You okay, buddy?


Foo? (and I) are not very OK about 05xx pattern command! Maybe that is the reason?! ;) :D

That could be. Renoise and God are very much related.

That was an accident, I swear. I will send my son (again) and you can cruzify him (again).

Any other wishes? I am in a happy mood, since I am ignoring the poor and celebrating the rich.

Yes. Renoise 3.0 please.

Like I said… Ignoring the poor. That counts for musicians who do not steal from the demoscene :)

:angry: goddammit

It’s SHAKEdammit ;)

its not the smashing that bothers me, its the fact that god doesnt wash his/her finger before they do it. :(

Just a joke ok?

Every thumb-wrestled God?

harry potter is a good read too, also thick books, that always impresses people.