Going To Rome

Me and my GF are going to Italy Rome from Sweden. Is there any thing one should not miss? Or things one should avoid?
Do you know any romatic/good food place to eat? Is there any special dish one should really should eat?

Btw if you need any tips on Stockholm I can help.

Happy birthday btw. I hope there is at least one small feature in Renoise 1.9 that you could treat like a birthday present!

Thanks :)

Hell yes, that Renoise update came like a one of the best birthday presents one can get! :D

hehe, 1.9 beta is out, i didnt know :) ill try it out when i get home…

im taking a trip to austria, swizerland next week… so i will appreciate any tips too :)

don’t miss the imperial forum (“foro imperiale” or “foro romano”). you simply cannot miss it since it’s on Colosseum’s side.

also don’t miss the Basilica of San Clemente, which underground levels contains literally layers of human history.

Vatican is also worth the visit, of course, but please carry a bomb with you :)

history is almost everywhere in Rome’s center: Circo Massimo, Ara Pacis, Monument to unknown soldier (Monumento al Milite Ignoto), Trevi’s fountain, Spagna square…

During august, if you will survive the heat, a beautiful and almost desert city awaits you!

food wise absolutely dont miss the icecream there.

everyone goes on about the pasta and pizza etc,…

but you must have some of the local icecream or gelato,… i forget what it was called.

Thnx! I appreciate the advices!

Well, when in Rome, I would recommend doing what the Romans do.

such as going to see soccer matches and argue about that, taking cocaine and clubbing in ethnic fashion?

one big thing I forgot: the Pantheon temple!