Good/best Headphones < 100 Euro's?

my crappy 1 year old 45 euro philips headphones just died on me , so I have to buy a new pair of eargoggles. Can someone here suggest me a good pair ? I’m on a low budget for this and willing to spend a maximum of 100 euro’s. It’ll never give me pro studio headphones for the price, but still decent enough to create some music, right?. cheers.

Just about 5 threads under yours you’ll find this:…t=ST&f=3&t=3234

@plugexpert on the headphone specs: here the sensitivity means the amount of volume (‘sound power’) produced for one milliwatt, so the larger this number is, the less you have to stress your soundcards output. Unless you have an external amplifier, of course…

The frequency range tells you what frequencies the headphones are able to reproduce. More accurately, the frequency response (here:Powerin/SoundPowerOut) is defined by -3dB from the top level of the response curve(in linear scale, half of the top level). The common human audible range is about 20Hz-20Khz (checked this, some say 15Hz-20Khz too) so your headphones frequency range is very good.

The ohm amount tells you how much current do the headphones draw from the source(speaker out), I cant see how this would be relevant in headphone specs since they only take so little…I have 4ohm nominal impedance speakers and I had to check if the amplifier was compatible with them, because I dont want my amp overheating->causes hiss/distortion to the sound.

Large power handling capability means that you cant break your headphones so easily (logically enough…). So adding it together, I would consider my ears, my wallet and possibly the frequency range the most important in this order =).

Btw, this isn’t really the “common” human range, as most peoples hearing start diminishing around the age of 20-25 so something like 40Hz-18KHz (numbers taken from nowhere) is usually closer… (Of course there are probably some people who retain their good ears long after that). Newborns have the largest range :)

Yes, thats right, I forgot that. It could also go even higher (or lower) on some people.

I happened to stumble across some article saying that the ‘average’ frequency range of the human ear among the middle-aged people (40-50year olds) is only up to 14kHz… Seems awfully low to me :( . I wonder if I could get decent replacement ears by that age. I mean artificial ones :blink:

yes it’s awfully but it’s right … but my last mastering-engineer where older than 50 years - a really cool and professional guy … and we got the best mastering ever …

… be careful with your ears … every too loud disco or concert-sound or too loud headphone-sound is poison for every ear … and just in later years the result will be noticeably or better audibly (or not ;)