Good Piano Vsts?

In a couple months I’m going to be purchasing a few VST’s, one of them being the Arturia CS-80V (for really rich synth), there are a couple others I’m looking at, but most of all I’d like to find a decent piano. All the ones I’ve found so far can’t even come CLOSE to the quality of sound from my Roland JD-990 and Roland JV-2080 external midi sound modules which are from the mid 90s.

Any suggestions?

Try out DSK akoustik Keyz, I find that to be pretty pleasent to my ears

Wow, it’s free :)

I’ll check it out :)

Thanks :)

You´re welcome, hope it is what you are looking for ;)

I finally tried that one out. Yeah, that one is still like many of the others: There’s no brilliance–there’s pretty much no treble in the piano.

It was worth a check though :) Thanks :)

I’ve heard good things about Alicia’s Keys. =(

I’ve got the New York Grand from NI, its relatively cheap and I love the sound of it. Check out the demo on the NI site :)

I’ve got the New York Grand too and I really like it. You could consider Komplete 7 then you get all 4 of their pianos included, else a solution could be Komplete elements at 120$ where you’ll get lots of other instruments and a voucher you can use to buy the NY piano I believe.

edit: or of course you could use the free Kore player and buy the Grand piano for around $70, that’s what I paid but now I don’t feel that was the best of deals even though the piano is great.

try Pianoteq, also available as a Linux native application

Another new request for a good pianovst topic?
I still swear by Tascam’s free GVI piano module.(156MB!)

VV !?.. I want that one sooooooo bad ! But I recognize this from a different topic, just as you describe … I believe that it only works for sp2, am I right? Is there some way to get the work during the sp3? :dribble: :panic:

I have it working on Sp3 here so i’m not sure what the problem should be with Sp3 then.
I guess it is only an installer issue then: there was a problem with some extra dongle-software that gets installed, but you can uninstall that software afterwards, as you don’t need it to get this plug working.

Nice ! I will give it another go then, thanks !

This is the best free I have found. I have yet to try ot Vincent´s but I do think the sound is better than some commercial ones.

Otherwise these are really good for a classic sound, But you will find versions of them included in some of their other vst´s.

I have Service Pack 3 and, unfortunately, it gives me this error immediately when I click the installer:

“This Software requires Service Pack 2 for Windows Xp (Version: 5.1.2600) or later. Please see the documentation for the operating system requirements. The installation will be abortted”

Oh well :(

But the NY Grand NI sounds very good (and $79 is nice) and OMG the EastWest pianos, holy crap those sound good.

Yea, same here :(

If it gives an XP SP2 requirement like that, it usually has to do with requiring .NET 3.0 to be installed.

have that one but it still gives me the same message ???..