Good Techno

Hey guys, I’m new here and I just purchased my copy of Renoise 1.9
I am trying to get into making techno (kind of like basshunter) and I want to know if renoise is capable of doing a good job making it.
Can anyone show me some good, cool sounding techno that was made in renoise with FREE vst plugins? That would be great, thanks.

Okay, I wouldn’t concern basshunter as good techno but with renoise you do not have any boundaries about what kind of music you want to create.

For stuff like “boten anna” you won’t even need Vsts although I would suggest you at least synth1 as vst synth…

You might want to check out the tracks of me, ptrance, beatslaughter and some others who don’t do breakcore to get at least a glimpse about “technomusic” with renoise but remember: With renoise EVERYTHING is possible although it is a lot of work and learning.

Well, most of my stuff is made with free plugins [click my signature plz] and imo it turns out pretty nice, also browse kvraudio for cool free synths and other shit like that.

Thanks guys, hey, I was also wondering, in basshunter and ALLOT of other techno, there is like a really cool synth sound, and allot of techno uses that same type of sound, does anyone know where I can get a good vst or sample for that particular sound?

if you post a sample-clip we might need to help you … because I don’t know what sound you mean.

yea man also a heads up to you peep the forum over at techno dnb label, but some quality sample packs and def production forum can help yaout on how to make some sounds and such, plus alot of the guys make and spin techno too
also as far as hard techno if you’re willing to invest some cash or ahem hunt it down online ueberschall hard techno vs schranz sample cd/vst instrument is killer

In that case Renoise is perfect, for free synths I would recommend these synths…

Triangle 2
Superwave P8

Then you could need some free vst plugins to spice up the sound like

Bass chorus etc…

Is it perhaps a bunch of detuned sawtooth-waves? I guees the easiest way to get that sound is to cough up $89 for the Refx Vanguard. It has got a lot of good sounds and I think it has got exactly the sound you want.

Otherwise the free Superwave P8 also has got something like it.

Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May are shedding a tear.

Basshunter is not techno…

That’s what I thought too but I didn’t have the guts to be so rude :) At least boten anna is no techno but he made some smart (non-popsong) tracks

thanks guys, and by the way, I never said basshunter was talented, I just like the way his stuff sounds, and as far as a sample of what i’m looking for and a good techno song, follow this link and then you can maybe give me some more feedback on stuff I should use. Thank you guys for being such a help.

Youtube - Basshunter Halla dar

Oh, yea, and I was wondering, is there anything thats exactly like vanguard only free?

Also, where can I find cool DSP chain downloads, or whatever?

一円くん: You will not have any problems with Renoise. Just learn the software, think of the sound you want to make and go for it. You may want to get hold of NI Synthetic Drums 2 for loads and loads of excellent drum hits. Build a loop and work from there.

EVM UltraSonique v1.1 and EVM Bassline v1.0 are great for trance-like sounds, the website that hosts them is down at the moment, but if you register (free) on and download the current samplepack there, you should get the synths.

Perhaps that free SuperWave VSTi?

or detune a bunch of looped saw wave samples + can somebody give a definition of what techno is? Ever since 2 unlimiteds Ray Slijngaard chanted ‘techno techno techno techno’ in no limits, I have a hard time understanding it.

Hah, I aint touching that with a ten foot pole.

From wikipedia:

The term “techno” is derived from the word technology. Music journalists and fans of the genre are generally selective in their use of the term, careful not to conflate it with related but distinct genres, such as house, trance and hardcore. At the same time, “techno” is commonly confused with general terms such as electronic music and dance music.[5][6] Electronic dance music has many forms, one of which is techno.

Full article:

Too complex to explain but here’s a neat flash-tutorial what techno is :)
— A little History of Techno & House Music