Good time to update Windows (new exploit)

If you haven’t updated your Windows today, it’s a good time to do this:

Lol, I probably shouldn’t say this then, but the PC I am using here at work is still on XP. And this is at a major hospital. Most of my coworkers got upgraded to 7 recently but for some reason I’m still on XP. And I’m NOT a government worker in the UK so I’m not really sure wtf our IT department was thinking.

“Whilst no proof-of-concept code has surfaced yet, due to Microsoft thankfully being tight-lipped on the exact details of the vulnerability, it won’t be long until one does, which could be disastrous for any admin that hasn’t updated.”

Uhm… Why didn’t Microsoft just patch it silently without having a press release?

…Aaaannyway… Thanks for the warning!