Google Chrome Extensions

This is going to make me switch. The slowness of Firefox is working on my nerves, I used Chrome when it came out and it was sooooo much faster. Though it hadn’t add-ons so it wasn’t worth switching, now it is. :)

If only chrome wasn’t phoning home all the time :)

Chrome crashed the first instance i tried to start.
Deinstalled, tried it almost a year later once more… still crashed on the first instance after installing.
Deinstalled, never to install again…

Firefox is faster than Chrome on Flash games:

Try Iron.…ome_vs_iron.php

Got back to Firefox after 2 days. The program itself is faster as Firefox, that’s for sure. But internet-wise remarkably slower. While Firefox most of the time makes you see half of the page if it isn’t entirely loaded yet, Chrome waits until every tiny pixel is loaded. Pretty annoying, I’d say…

Here is a good page for news about all the different browsers:

I sometimes use Iron, it’s based of the Chromium source but without the phoning-home stuff: