Google Reader

A few weeks ago, I started using Google Reader, which is basically a thing to get all of your RSS feeds but you can also share/receive shared stories with friends. I mostly read video game and tech-y stuff, but I’ve gotten some great stories and websites from friends.

my Gmail ID is fruxxo.san if you’d like to share/get shared stuff with/from me.

Although I own a gmail account I usually use it for “registering at suspicious sites” and I don’t use googles services because they store everything. Even if you delete something, I think google stores the data anyway…

yap… Google (and of course not only Google) store, index etc all kinds of data and make profiles of you, your habits, interests etc etc. Google is one massive massive database. Stay away from Google!

I don’t think there is enough diskdrive space in the world to store everything a google registered user has done ever……ata_center.html…e_builds_d.html

And i dond say that “everything you ever did on google” is stored, but you can be surem that if you use google and google services then they have pretty decent profile of you ;)

Oh shit that’s crazy, Lenoir is only about 1 hour drive from me. Had no idea google stuff was so close :D

If getting dirt on everyone alive is Google’s purpose, how come there have been no reports of them selling that information to the highest bidder?

Personally, I see giving the world access to information and resources for free as more of a humanitarian cause than anything.

Yeah I really doubt they are using it maliciously. I mean they don’t have enough resources to pore through all the shit on all google people that use it

Incidentally, I tried this today after reading this thread. I had been wanting to try RSS and one that works online appeals to me since I do a lot of my news reading here at work, and it would be nice to access from both work and home.
Problem I’m coming across is it appears to not be refreshing my feeds automatically. Even when I press the refresh button over all the feeds. One of them only refreshes when I click into it and then press refresh. I’d have to have to do that with all of them, it sort of defeats the purpose doesn’t it?
Anybody else have this trouble or know what is wrong or how to fix it?

Google alone may (and I do say “MAY” very, very tentatively) not have the resources or the reason. But Google and the CIA together certainly synergise well enough to make them absolutely magnetic to one another.

“Former Agent Says Google and CIA in Partnership”

“Ex-Agent: CIA Seed Money Helped Launch Google”…ched_google.htm

“CIA and Google Team Up Again For More Spying”

And before the right-wing in you can say, “tin-foil hats”:

“CIA enlists Google’s help for spy work”…icle3652494.ece

Any doubters left?

For all I know (and no, I haven’t checked ^ those links yet), there’s just one thing Google has done to smear their good name: working together with Chinese authorities to censor their search engine. Although it was Yahoo that really got their hands dirty.

After all, Google’s motto is “We’re not evil”. I don’t know if that is supposed to raise the moral bar, or just some kind of in-joke, and frankly I don’t care.

The fact is, that most of their services are top-notch. I use them a lot, and I even like the way they’ve implemented advertisement in their products. For instance, the gmail web interface will analyze my emails and come up with some (hopefully) relevant ads. And it actually works! Perhaps since the ad is served on usage history, profiling, heuristic analysis…but again, I don’t care. It pays the bills so to speak.

Edit: and not a single word on Facebook. I don’t trust those fuckers! puts tinfoil hat on

Bah, I read the 1st one, and read the comments. Which I agree with… You should have no expectation of privacy on the internets

But seriously …

6 billion people in the world

Do you really think that after you die, ANY of the information gathered about you will have any significance at all? No.

Do you part to avoid mindless consumerism. Block and ignore ads as much as you can. Simple enough

China was going to block google completely if they didn’t censor the results… and Google figured it would be more evil to prevent people in China from using their service entirely.

As for the articles about Google’s involvement with the CIA, which seem to pretty much be duplicates of the same 2 stories… If you them carefully, nowhere does it state that Google has leaked user information to the CIA… according to the articles, all they’re doing is providing a framework of tools for the agencies to share those agencies’ informations between each other. As for Mr Robert David Steele, if you research him a bit, you will find he has a very strong motivation for trying to make Google seem evil: Money. He’s written many books on open source intelligence, and makes a living trying to push his views so he can make money on his books.

As for the “right-wing” comment… and I should note I’m closer to a socialist than anything… in Mr Steele’s Wikipedia article you will find the following statement: “He argues that U.S. intelligence reform is needed, and that the private sector can perform a high percentage of U.S. open source intelligence needs and reduce cost to the U.S. Government.” … sounds like a very republican view to me. At least I don’t think I’ve ever heard hardcore leftists proclaiming the joys of privatization. In fact, yes, lets privatize CIA information gathering so that we put even more power in the hands of corporate goons. Sounds like a plan. I’m sure Mr Steele will be the first to cash in on this once his Google-paranoia campaign has done its job. Hold on, is he proposing the same fucking thing that he’s criticizing Google over? WHAT THE FUCK?!

… sorry, but I’m still siding with Google on this one. There would be much more shit flying already if Google really had that much of a fucked up moral compass.

I’ve been a happy user of Google reader for about half a year now. I don’t have to spent my time surfing to each site individually… and frankly I don’t care if they use or don’t use my surfing information for any purposes they might or might not have.

The same could be said of customer cards of certain stores. For example Ikea… they know exactly what you have bought in the past, in exchange you get a discount on certain goods. A lot of people can’t be bothered of this “violation” of privacy.

yap, you are totally OK, until the moment you get in a way of “the system”. Then you will be very surprised how much info it is pssible to dig out about you. Until you are just ordinary Joe and nobody has any interest in you, you are absolutely fine ;)

you may wish they know only that :) but they also know about your goat porn collection ;)

Now I use full time Google Reader. A couple of years ago GReader wasn’t mature enough, so I used Bloglines. I don’t use desktop RSS readers because I read RSS at several places: home, work, etc.

this is actually my google reader “trends” page…

It was like this when i clicked in :P

Well after almost a week of using this google reader, I must say I really like this RSS business. It has been saving me so much time not having to check websites for updates :D

Gee, is really anybody NOT using a RSS reader yet? :huh:

I’m just a little disappointed that not all sites have a feed. Those who don’t are probably the sites I will stop checking and eventually forget about