Google Summer Of Code

Not 100% sure about qualifying, but it would be nice to prepare for next yea and get the Lua scripting project listed as part of of Google Summer Of Code?

I guess not.

Well, the idea was to submit the XRNX project, not Renoise:

The XRNX project is open source under the MIT License. @see:

It falls under “loophole” and, yes, risks rejection.

Just yesterday I saw a reference to an internal class, therefore closed source.
That’s one of the things that drove me so nuts before, not being able to see what we can work with.
Then I saw much of it was documented and remembered we are still in beta.

However, the premise of the root idea is f****** Excellent, “Tool Compos”.
Kinda like how Darpa or SpaceX, starts those competitions with just “what something needs to actually do”.

Conner_Bw, if you organize something based on a tool compo, I would feel inclined to donate to a prize.

A tools competition is an interesting idea.

I’m not sure about the success ratio (i.e. will we get participants?) but the concept is cool.

Google Code differs in that it’s more commission based work, paid by a third party who acts as a patron. Students work on stuff, Google pays them, we benefit.

As XRNX is open source but Renoise is not, it’s sketchy, but I don’t see the harm in trying.

While XRNX is able to pass the requirements of being allowed to be hosted by google code, XRNX needs renoise to operate.
If there was a way to get XRNX into google summer of code they would probably burn us.