Google Translate For You

Google Translate - Click ‘Listen’.

Nice!!! Google Beatboxing! :yeah: :drummer:

Yeah I was pointed this out earlier today, I must say I fucken lol’d :D

Didn’t knew Google could beatbox…
Now make it beatbox and sing at the same time!

Haha that’s pretty cool. Other languages don’t seem to work quite as well though…

Awesome! :D

great find!

haha! (((=


oh, and still no “post your pattern here!” request?

Autotune the Google.

ok, so i’ll do some myself :P :

pv tschk pv tschk pv pvpv tschk pv tschk pv tschk pv pvpv tschktschk pzss

with “bassline” (still needs finetuning ;) ):

pv pmm pv pmm pv pmm pvtschk pv pmm pv pmm pv pmpmpv tschktschk tschktschkk pzs


I’d call it GoogleCore.