Google Wave

I had 10 invites already, gave em all away. And now I got 10 extra.

Anyone who wants an invite, hit me! :)

Just got an invite yesterday from a friend, too. Haven’t had much time to check it out yet, but it does seem pretty cool so far. It’s a pity that you need Google Gears installed to make the drag & drop stuff with FireFox, but I already had it installed for something else anyway. I suspect it probably works natively in Chrome. My friend said it was a little bit awkward to embed certain things like YouTube videos as well?

Anyway… maybe it would be cool to create a Renoise group on there?

There is already a Renoise Wave there.
But you have to find it:

in the Wave search box put:

with:public Renoise

And hit Enter

You should be able to find the Wave with Mr. Mick and Me already as members.
As soon as you type something into the Wave you automatically also become a member/follower of the wave.

Hint: If you just search for with:public
you get a long realtime list of the current Public Waves.

Hi Viniman…

If you have any invites left i would certainly like to see what all the fuss is about for myself. B)
If you do i can pm you my email…

Go right ahead, I’ve got 2 left. ^^

I’d take one please…

I’ve got no invites anymore at the moment…

I got 4 left, so just give me what email to invite…

If one can spare one: vincent.voois ofcourse at
I will probably get some invites as well to share.

Just seen I have 8 so fired one off you way Vv.

Not even had a proper look at it. Got my invite a couple of weeks ago but nothing would work properly on my work’s computer and to check if I have any invites is the first time I’ve gone there since that day…

Thx… i now have 7 left as well…

ditto, so post/pm your emails if you wanna check it out :)

/me wants invitation too.

marcshake (at) gmail (dot) cum.


zed.tsd (at) you know the rest

Thanks. :) After work I get home and check out :)

nomination send… they are not instantly send away though, so it might take a few days… or weeks…next year perhaps.

cool, I need some time to understand wtf is Google Wave anyway.