Goood Samples

I have around 20k wav files and just about all of them are shit. I’ve mostly gotten them off of soulseek but now I’m on mac and there isnt anything really comparable to soulseek for mac that I’ve seen. has a bunch of “house music with a snare” drum and bass producers with shite for samples. where is a good place to get A) some decent loops and B ) kicks, snares etc…that dont sound cheesy?
while cutting up the amen is fun for practicing sample offset it is a bit stale and played out to make anything new with it. if you know of a good free spot to get some samples from let me know. thx.
-damon is pretty cool.

we collect free samples links here

I saw this, along with 3 others or so. none of them seem to have as comprehensive a search as regular soulseek. strange user interfaces as well…

sweeeet. great site. :walkman:

Amen to that.

Just found that site today, and have been downloading samples for hours now.

Holy crap. Those voice samples are the best I’ve found so far!

Make your own samples.