Got A Few More Or Less Basic Questions

OK, here are questions:

  1. What is responsible for quality of the mixdown, when i render song to disk or just play it? When i play it, i believe it’s the Audio card/interface, but for rendering, is audio card/interface is important, ot it’s renoise itself that does the job, or cpu?

  2. If it’s renoise+audio card, will the result of the mix be better if i’ll be doing that with cubase 5?

  3. If the quality is better to mix/apply FX in cubase 5, then i would like to export tracks from renoise as WAV (i know how to do that), but maybe better is to export them as MIDI, to load in cubase 5 and run VSTis and FX fully in cubase?

But i’m so used to writing notes in renoise :) i want to continue doing that, but how to export renoise tracks as MIDI?


The audio is mixed inside renoise in both cases, in one case it’s output to soundcard. On other case it is output to WAV file. The card (not even the existence of one) doesn’t affect the quality of WAV render at all.

There should be no difference whatsoever.

I don’t see any reason why it should be better or worse in Cubase. I’d say it’s just an utter waste of time to transfer the data. But if there are some features in cubase that you miss in Renoise or you feel more comfortable in mixing with Cubase, go ahead. There is no gain in audio quality though.

As of now there isn’t midi export inside renoise. I heard there is 3rd party program to do so, but I might be mistaking.

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Does anyone know any successfull commercial songs/albums that were fully made by renoise, let’s say in Dance/House/Trance or so?

I’m curious

there is a thread about this topic, but it’s quite old so many more albums should have been released in the meantime.

Not exactly Dance/House/Trance, but pretty much everything Venetian Snares has done since “Calvalcade Of Glee & Happy Hardcore Dadaist Pom Poms” is in Renoise, or so I hear. He’s a pretty successful guy.