Got Add/adhd?

Am I ever glad I found this video:

I found this PDF too, which is a summary of his ADD/nutrition findings:…ive%20Brain.pdf

Drugs for a lot of current health problems do not contribute to resolving the root of the problem.

The root of many health problems in general is malnutrition regardless of children or mature folks.
Soil is being exhausted by artificial fertilisation and injection of manure -> blue gasses extracting the oxygen from the soil killing bacterias and other useful creatures that usually did the job taking care vegetables and fruits got all their minerals and vitamins developed.

People only get fatter, not because they buy more fat foods, but the healthy foods do not supply the quantities of required minerals/vitamins that a human being needs.
Getting fat is an obvious symptom, but getting diabetes, exhausting syndrome diseases etc. are usually not related to nutritional problems.
ADD / ADHD are also among them.

3 times a week you need fat ocean fish, 25 to 33grams of fibers a day (not only in bread but also a lot of fruits and vegetables have fibers)20 to 30 grams of (vegetable) proteins and 1 liter water for each 30kg of bodymass you have in weight, a day and ofcourse a various range of vitamins and minerals to create / cure / clear cells.
Extra vitamin tablets are nowadays vital but it takes some time before folks get aware of that.

The only thing pharmacists do is earning on your problems while the only thing drugs do in these cases are cloaking the symptoms rather than resolving the root of the problem.
That is why a doctor fails to resolve your problem. The pharmacists know but they don’t tell, because they will loose their business if they would.

This is a serious issue. Malnutrition is something we can all relate to.

Listen to your body.

After witnessing a bunch of pharmaceutical representatives go in and out of a doctors office, giving samples of their products, and hearing about free gatherings they hold for doctors, the image of doctors and used car salesmen being one and the same is burnt in my head. It bears repeating that some people’s health and lives is nothing more than a busine$$ transaction.

I don’t know if the following link is valid, time can render facts useless or untrue. But the only reason I put it on is because of the combined words that has also lingered in my mind… “arrogant doctors”.

The full YT vid title is “Arrogant Doctors Can Kill You

I strongly believe nutrition affects mental health much more deeply than people realise, especially in young folks.

what kind of cruel joke is that; the cure for attention deficit disorder is to sit and watch a 1 and a half hour lecture on youtube…? Are you just being ironic? I’d get bored and start doing something else after the intro

edit (slightly more on topic) nutrition takes it half way, and the other half is living healthy. I spent a few years sitting around idly, and my brain was getting more and more cloudy as my body also slowly deteriorated… a good dose of exercise combined with better nutrition seemed to be the key; not either independently.