Got Some Well Deserved Relief!

So- there I am at the art institute being a good boy reviewing for mid term exams, and decided to take a break.
Well I was reading an email I recieved from a police officer about my brother who hung himself- basicaly he was just infroming me that the finger print on the ticket matched thos from the coroners office… and I notice this kid behind me readin over my shoulder. So at first I was pretty square and just told him he needs to mind his own plate… well he decided to go off saying I don’t own the computer lab and this is America and bla bla bla- and then he just says the stupidest thing on the planet- he called my brother a pussy for comminting suicide- I agree with that whole notion, but It’s not his place to say shit and my email is private… so he got a left hook to the mouth/nose from the palm of my fist- wich sent him flying into the desk behind us and knocked over two G5 macs and made a few kisd fall out of their chair. While he was on the ground I kicked him repeatedly in the stomach and ribs because he would not let go of my fing pant legs. Then he thought it was a smart idea to get back up and run his mouth some more- thats when he got it in the kisser- knuckles to the fing grill- I popped that kids lid REAL fin hard!.. so the teacher saw the whole event as well as a few other students- who all had to come down to the studentent intervention/counseling office… long story short- the kid got booted from the class, and has to pay to take the class again next quarter, and I got a time extension to finish my mid terms :lol: I was suprised- especially with my teacher- he had my fing back the whole time- he told the kid that he needed to learn not to invade peoples privacy and he fed with the wrong person. That was like “WHOA” to me- I thought i was going to jail or some shit- but since it’s a private institution, they just asked him if he wanted to press charges, and of course he said no- he already got chumped by me, why make him self look like more of a pussy? And then they demanded that I see my counselor and student advisor… get this- they are making me drop a class so I can chill and focus on self and personal issues. I fealt reallly wierd how compashionate they were towards me and me situation- i don’t even have to pay for the class again! Anyway- the only thing that sucks is when I busted the kid in the mouth a few times, I cut my knuckles and fingers on his bajankety ass teeth, and one of the wounds got infectd, so I had to get a tetnis shot… let me tell you- people may say there are better ways of dealing with these types of situations, but really- you don’t get that instant gratification of watching their eyes open in suprise with a mouth full of fist in slow motion- and then just fall on the ground where they belong. I’m not a bully but god damn it felt good to teach this fing cunt some humilty! :yeah:

nice one louis…

wish i could have gotten in a fight the other day
i have been really irritable lately, mostly due to the fact that i haven’t had much time to sleep (averaging about 5.5 hours a night for the past few weeks) and saturday i had gotten in a really bad argument with somebody close to me.
so i left the house for a while cuz i really needed to get out, but i was really jacked up, i wanted to beat the shit out of somebody.
so when some fer passed me in the car at like 80mph on a road near my house where there was a double solid line and the speed limit is like 45, i was like oh the hell no you didn’t… you wanna f with this?
floored it so i could catch up with him and tailgated him as close as i could. when he got to the stopsign at the end of the road, he kinda just rolled through and turned left, i followed him as close as i could. tailgated him for about 1/2 mile on the next road, all the while flashing my lights & honking the horn. he had to stop at a stoplight so i got so close behind him that my bumper was touching his, and then i just held the horn down and stuck out my middle finger to make sure he could see. i saw his stupid girlfriend looking back. at this point i think they were scared.
the road split into several lanes at this point so i tried to get up fast enough to get next to him so he could see my face, but he ended up getting in the right lane like he was gonna turn, so i had to tailgate him again where he turned left at the next stoplight. we got to a roundabout and i should have turned left instead of right, that way i could have blocked him off and he wouldn’t have had any option other than to go back, but i didn’t wanna get arrested if there was a cop around so i kept tailing him, honking the horn.
the next section there was a long straightaway and we were going pretty fast here, his girl kept looking back and i think they were probably getting pretty worried at this point. i should have followed them to their destination, haha, but i finally gave it up and turned back. man i hope he never drives like a dickass anymore.

Violence doesn’t teach humility.

I usually don’t get myself involved in such matters if the driver has innocent passengers (specially little children which you might not see instantly) along… he or she might do something stupid and drag them along.
And i don’t want to fill my memory with a situation i might have part of that blame.
It’s good to be willing to point out someone else’s wrong, but using similar agression the provocator uses is not the way.

agreed. it’s not something i would typically do, but since i was so pissed already at the time it just happened…

I agree, but I think it in this case for some reason- he hasn’t said anything else me and I’m pretty sure he’ll be more carefull before he starts invading peoples privacy and hopefully has learned to take a fair warning. I’m sure there were alot of other ways I could have dealt with the situation… but my brain just kinda shut down when he went for a low blow talking about my brother. I mean what else do you do when you have already told the guy to buck, but just keeps egging the situation on?