Gpo, Ho To Control It..

I’m interested in buying Garritan personal orchestra… I went on the official site and read some features… I noticed that some things are being controlled by the mod wheel (volume and expression) and the sustain pedal (legato mode)…

Now, as I don’t have a master keyboard, is there another way to have the control of these features??

hmm… I think you’re pretty f*cked then :huh:

You could try using Bome’s MIDI keyboard? It’s a seperate program (not a VST) which represents a keyboard using standard Tracker QWERTY options, but has the Pitch and Modulation wheels as well for you to click and drag. It’s surprisingly effective. I use it for all my music apps that don’t have tracker-style input.

Traditionally, you install something like MIDI YOKE which gives you 8 ‘simulated’ MIDI channels and you set Bome’s MIDI keyboard to, say “MIDI Channel 1” and then have Renoise recieve from “MIDI Channel 1”, which appears in the standard list of MIDI devices after you’ve installed MIDI YOKE.…

Maybe look into these methods and also be sure to ask someone who already owns GPO. I think you could probably ask on the Northern Sounds forum as Gary Garritan (the maker of GPO) browses those forums. Or just email GPO and ask, I’m sure they’ll be happy to answer all questions, at least if they want your money. ;)

no, you’re not wrong, but this is exactly what I meant when I say that he is f*cked :)

I mean: GPO lets you control volume with modwheel, ok.

So what? you should automate it even if you just want to play some random notes to try the sound…!! :wacko:

GPO really needs some MIDI hardware to be used

Ok… I’m f****ed…

What about East West quantum leap symphonic orchestra silver edition?? Price is the same… It’s midi hardware strictly required for it too??

Speaking of orchestral type VSTi’s, you guys should really check out Synful, it’s pretty insane.

I checked it, demos are not so bad… But then i read:

“Natural timbral vibrato controlled with Mod Wheel”

I’ll go to buy a mod wheel only… Without keyboard… I’ll install in behind my left ear and then I’ll control GPO on the fly…

I’ve tried synful. Seems good, but… have anyone managed to make a legato with it on ReNoise?

I’ll try and let you know… But not now, I’m listening to a song called “Irrationally rational” or something like that… Reminds you something??

I guess I got it… You must decrease the transient gain…

EDIT: mmhh… It seems not to work great… do you manage to automate some parameter??

first off all you need a master keyboard, and if your gonna buy Garritan personal orchestra you sure as hell got money enough to buy a cheap, yet fancy masterkeyboard.

Tho i would go for edirol orchestral as it sounds a tad better in my view than garritan p.o. :)

Edirol is good, but I read many times in this forum that it’s buggy… It doesn’t save the changes you apply to the instruments…

naw it dont, and it doesnt even save what kind of instrument u were using, resetting back to default every time you load the song. Its hell but its good :)

post temporarily down for verification. Probably I’ve written bullshit :)

end of verification process. results follow

Hello Mr. Hope! I’ve a new Hope for you :D

Download this!

These are customizable GPO programs which should allow you to modify MIDI assignments and use sliders into the Kontakt player instead of MIDI commands.

Maybe it’s not what you need, but if you already have a… err… “test” version of GPO, I suggest you to try it together with this addition.

this PDF, among other things, shows how to use the X-Custom addition.

the description says:
This new addition to the library is for people who want to customize their controllers. It allows users to have custom control over volume/timbre MIDI assignments and dynamic range thoruhg the assignable slider in the Player. This feature is especially useful for users with Wind Controllers. Also, this is particularly helpful for people with certain sequencers. For instance, Logic 6 (and earlier) and GarageBand users have the reset to “0” bug which this addition will allow you to reset the controller and avoid. With the X-Custom Folders, please note that all instruments load at full volume rather than the minimum volume standard used in the Dry and Wet Audition folders. This is useful for people with Standard MIDI files they want to play or with particular sequencers as well. Most users will not need this optional addition.

also, if you plan to use GPO with Cakewalk softwares (Cakewalk, SONAR, and so on), you can also check these MFX plugins

I don’t have GPO already, so I don’t want to risk to buy it and not to have the chance to control it properly…

Btw, I download the patch to read the manual and see all the new features, but there isn’t the installer file…

From the manual:

"After downloading the update installer run the file and follow instructions. All steps should be automatic."

Where is this file?? Am I missing something??

I think I won’t buy it, maybe EWQLSO will be better for me…

the update file needs a previous version to be installed (it is an update, after all :))

Couldn’t you get some “try-before-buy” version and try it?

Yes, I’m talking about warez :)

And yes, policemen: I’ve registered GPO, after having tried it :)