Gr Etiquette (Get It Cut) 8Bit Dubstep Remix

So the UK “dubstep garage” (yes, add the 99th subgenre to techno) massive is all up in arms about Joy Orbison and GR Etiquette. Didn’t think much of the tune so took it under my own wing, alas the 8Bit remix and renoise osmotic tutorial.

here’s the soundcloud:

here’s the youtube:

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About the track, thought it was bit messy. I like the rave’y oldskool vibe of the sounds, but think you need to push it harder, maybe introduce some automation to process different tracks, variating timbres of the sounds.


This. The track could have used some more variation. And maybe rub some dirt on it.

Good tip, done.

I hear ya, I could spent 2 hours on it instead of one but listen to the tune I was remixing,
I think I pushed it way passed the edge. There’s also automation all over the place.

So the disgusting warbling overdistorted bassline wasn’t dirty enough?

I’d add some sin bass to it. Or turn it up, if it’s already there. It should be more deep for the track it is.
A bit tweaking, and it should be great!

Thanks for the tip Irthosis. I played it in a Toyota Matrix with subs and the kids front left speaker burst from the bass. I was told to turn the bass down. Did you play it on a system or headphones?

Hmm, well maybe there is some low bass at around 30-40 Hz that my headphones don’t cover, but they’re Monster Solo HD (just in case, no, I didn’t get them for full price), and they’re pretty much known to have thumping bass.
Maybe you should lift them to 50-70 Hz and if they already are so, then gain them to around -30 - -40 Db level. At this moment I’m pretty bad on giving advice like that :( , so it’s not guaranteed to improve anything.