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As some of you might be knowing if you’ve read my signature, I’ve been working on a game called GraLL. It had been completed around 3 weeks back, and I though I might post it up here. It was almost completely a one-man job, but I thank those who’ve given me motivation and encouragement. There’s a song by Dblue (‘Lost In Bass’) in it, but you’ll have to reach the last level to listen to it. I thank him for remastering and reediting the song to make it sound better.

Official GraLL Website

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GraLL is a free 3d strategy/action game set in the future. Its in the style of Chips Challenge and Jumper 2.

In the year 2047, scientists all over the world are competing to make the greatest robot. One company, Gravity Systems, had come up with an idea never thought of before. They thought that a robot, shaped like a sphere, would have no chances of loss of stability, and would have extreme maneuverability. So, the scientists of this company started working on this idea, and came up with a working prototype by 2054. They named it GraLL, an acronym for Gravity BaLL. They carried out every sort of test imaginable, and yet the chairman was not satisfied. He wanted a mega test, a test no other robot would be able to pass through. So, the scientists got to work again, and got the test ready by 2065. This test was riddled with traps, doors, keys, acid, crates, enemies and a lot of other things. There was only one thing left to do. Put GraLL in there and see what it would do…

Use your skill and intelligence to guide GraLL through 30 action-packed tests as he avoids obstacles, solves puzzles, unlocks doors and does numerous other things in his quest to be qualified. Improve your score and compare it to others, and declare yourself the master of GraLL. GraLL needs to get through as fast as possible, and only you can help him.


More screenshots on the website.

Spread The Word
There is one way you can help: Spread the word. Tell everyone you know, email everyone you know, post in the forums you know. I don’t mean spam, but tell your friend as a friend, for example, “Hey man! I’ve been playing this game, and I thought you’d like it.”.

Have fun playing the game! Hope you like it! Comments and constructive criticism is appreciated.

Thank you for reading! :)

this looks awesome! i love games like this. i was excited to try it out… however, i’m not sure if i will play it since there is no options menu to change the mouse speed. it seems like the mouse turning is too fast, but the keyboard turning is way too slow. i tried changing my windows mouse speed but it looks like the game ignores that. is there a way to change a cfg file or something to alter the mouse speed? thanks

I tend to agree, the mouse control is a bit strange. It is possible to adjust the sensitivity a bit though, you just have to pay close attention to the text messages which briefly appear on screen during the tutorial level. It was something like U to increase, J to decrease… or maybe Y and H… or some other keys nearby there (not at home so I can’t check right now)… just play around with some until you get it.

An options/help screen would definitely be a bonus.

Anyway, congrats Nikki, it’s looking pretty good so far. With a few control tweaks and enhancements for the next version I think you could really have something fun on your hands.

You can use U and J to adjust the mouse and keyboard turning speed. It gets saved, so you have the same setting the next time.

Maybe I’ll add an options screen, but I have a lot of school work to do right now (holidays are just over, and exams are getting nearer). I’ll try it if I have free time.

Thanks for trying it out! :)

awesome, thanks for the help nikki. i’ll tweak the controls and give the game a good spin tonight & give you some feedback after that

Don’t forget to yell your friends or email them about GraLL if you guys like it!

There’s a new trailer! Check it out here. Make sure you give it a high rating, and generate more than one view so that you can give it a headstart making more people see it.