Graphical Automation... Err... Automation... Lol

I’ve never had this problem before as I would always use an LFO, but things are getting more complex, and this would be rally useful. We all know we can have curved, linear of points, but what if you wnt your automation to be curved to your maximum value, and when it reaches that point begin from the lowest value. Without dupilcating, using an LFO is annoying as because of the offset and amplitude it is difficult to go from the lowest to the highest. Probably a very simple solution, as per usual, but i was wondering if you could automate the actual automation iself to go from curved, linear and points during a single pattern. This woud be great! Thanks


Solved it. mplitude at 100% and offset at 50%
Automate the type from sine (repiicating the curved automation) to pulse when value should be zero
and change your frequency to the lowest setting to mantain the same value for the automated object.
Use saw for linear.

[Delete this if you like. Just for anyone else with the same issue]