Great Community As I Was Told

hello everyone
im new here and i was told that this place is cool and have a bunch of nice folks thats really helpful.

so im an acoustic guitar player, recently i wanna try out composing a song of my own. however im having a tough time trying to get things started, just like most of u once did (i suppose).

i would really appreciate it if any of u guys can provide me with any advise/personal experience.

or even just a good website or a forum where i can learn more about composing my own song as a hobby player :D


Welcome to the community, GapToN,

What kind of song do you want to compose? I assume that since you were recommended here, you’re looking at doing a sequenced composition, in which case there are many people here who are like you.

It-Alien wrote an FAQ about Renoise and the forum, which is a good place to start.

Check out some of the tracks users have posted in the publicly viewable song forum. We’re open to pretty much any musical style here.

yeah, please give us some info about what music do you want to compose… Do you want to record acoustic guitar and then add other parts, like drums and bassline with software sequencer?

Especially with the combination accoustic guitar & Renoise I could help you synchronising, equalising, recording with microphone (if there is no output), de-noising, doing stereo-effects on chords…
Do you have steel strings or nylon strings?

thanks for the warm welcome :)

im interested in making any kind of music. HOWEVER, since i just started out, i think (or i suppose) it will be the best for me to just stick with one single guitar. something that i can play alone, with only one guitar.

so its basically acoustic guitar solo/folk/whatever other style that is possible. i think as a total beginner, it would be pretty hard for me to get into all those technical details, sequencer, compressor or something like that.

so just acoustic guitar for now :P

btw acoustic guitar is always steel strings :P (well thats how everyone understand it nowadays, not in the old times though)

The reason why I was asking you in detail was because steel strings are easier to record and embed in songs than nylon strings (let’s forget for a moment that it depends on the style of your music).
Steel sounds brighter, lasts longer and makes a louder impression. That means less compression (more on that later), less enhancement of high frequencies and after all less noise. (I still prefer nylon though :) )

Okay, did you ever record anything from your guitar to your PC? Did you have any problems there?
If you got further than this, you just have to play around with renoise then. And that is the point where synchronisation becomes important, because you should record synchronously to the beat of your song.
But yet I don’t know how much you did already and how much you still want to know or if I can be any help at all…

If it’s of any help, here is a little work (.rns) where I played and recorded the guitar chords.

Edit: Btw…a more experianced guitarist is Mick Rippon, as I notice these days. I think, it’s just fair to let you know where you can get better information. And you could also get some help by Sewen if you catch him around here.