Great dnb made with tracker

although it’s renoise forum and i am a renoise user , i wanted to share with u ppl some of of Martsman beats…
he’s using buzz tracker … the only minus is that he’s really underrated in the dnb scene :confused:


not bad at all, buzz tracker you say?

yep , he also released stuff at med school and more…

Currently Denver-based Sinistarr (Metalheadz, Loose Squares, Hit And Hope, Exchange Bureau) is a Renoise user, though I haven’t seen him around these parts. Maybe I’m just not looking in the right places?

This Martsman stuff is pretty sweet. I dig it hard.

dj hidden also use renoise and tech itch has used or still use it at some point

Among many other tools…

I believe ASC is pretty much purely Renoise though. And pretty sure my friend who’s done a remix for Equinox said he got Renoise project files to work from but I might be mistaken with that one…

Others I can think of I doubt are names anybody else would know.

was kind of hoping for some renoise files in this thread.

You forgot the mighty ENDUSER.