Great Freeware Modular Vst ( Win Only )

as topic says , a great freeware modular plugin , sounds great , only shortcoming is no automation and win only

The GUI also seems to bug when you are somehow reloading a song with a saved preset.
But Beta started a month ago, so we should give this one a chance to evolve.

Not many applications are written in assembly anymore. I wouldnt expect mac or linux versions anytime soon.

it really looks like clavia’s modular application! will check asap, thanx

yep! just had a try
in fact you can easily add midi controllers to tweak each parameter via midi to create automations! :)

  • step 1: right click on the background and add a controller module ("modulators -> controller) (repeat this step for each tweak, i see there are 11 midi controllers, 1 is the modwheel etc )

  • step 2: add a midi device in renoise

  • step 3: right click on the module you want to tweak via midi and link one of its knobs with the new controller module you just added in step 1 and increase the mod amount

thanks again!!! i really was missing my micromodular and i think i will slowly almost be able to forget it now!

you’re right about the midi controller module , but I can’t choose any free midi cc’s
Yes it does look a lot like the nord modular ( which I still have and love ) , I wouldn’t say this vst is a nord modula substitue but it does sound great and it is freeware , double win situation