Green-fingered Freaks

a few months back, my mate took on a couple of allotment plots and we’ve been having a go at growing our own fruit and veg (disastrously, as it happens, but then we started late in the year). i mentioned this in passing on another music forum i frequent and was surprised at how many electronica musicians are closet gardeners. struck me as vaguely odd that all these tech-heads, breakbeat freaks and experimental noise-mongers should have a secret yearning to get close to the soil and grow their own tomatoes. :P

anyway, i’m just wondering how many renoise users have a secret fetish for wearing rubber wellies, chewing straw and going “oo-arr!” a lot. it’s ok: your guilty secret is safe with me. :rolleyes:

I make cactuses wither

former farmer here. now i just do the gardenigns. i have almost everything on my own , except weed :D - would just be too much… i cannot handle huge amounts of that stuff :(

We grow stuff when we can get the time for it and if it is in season. Once we move on from renting I think we’ll get more into it.

We also get involved occasionally down at the local community garden. As the “transition town” philosophy starts to take hold I think a lot more people will be getting into communal growing/trade and come to rely on it for sustainable living. Still a long way to go though…

If you’re going to offer multiple choice for a poll, then you should offer the following option, last of all: “none of the above.”

Disregard, I had nothing else better to do than post this, so… :P

yeah uhm… I have two balconies with tomatoes and some herbs.
no, not those herbs… basil, rosemary and oregano.

Wife away for two days or more results dead plants in my hands

My cats often mistake rosemary for catnip… fukkin junkies…

we were basically looking to get a bit of practice in at this whole self-sufficiency lark, so when the capitalist system goes tits up, we will have other options to starving. it’s starting to look like we may have left it a little late to start learning though. <_<

If you can, get to know and support your local farmer. I’m sure there are garden clubs in your neighborhood and you may even get some additional benefits. Too bad some locals here join just to get some of those benefits and don’t put in the time to grow some fruits & vegetables.

My family tree has a long list of farmers, though now, the few that remain close to soil work have taken up some horticulture club for therapy. Unfortunately my blood doesn’t flow in that manner, my fetish lies in wearing buckled boots and going “Arr Mayte I’ve got a Black Spot for me soul at Davey Jones’ Locker!”