Hello everybody! just like to start out by saying hi and letting you know who i am… my name is matthew, i live in lake tahoe nv. i’ve been using FL studio
for years, just recently saw how powerful and wonderful Renoise is so i dumped FL and went with Renoise! i mostly make EBM/Synthpop/Industrial music…
but i dabble in a little of everything. The main VSTi plugins i use are Massive, FM8, Sylenth, Nexus, Novation V and Bass stations. i look forward to
chatting with you all!

Howdy mate, and welcome :) Just wanted to let you know I was in your neighbourhood not too long ago, driving around nevada. Never made it quite up to Lake Tahoe, but sometime I hope to do so. Looks like a really beautiful area. Other than this, if you have questions of any sorts regarding Renoise, there are plenty of really helpful people on these forums.

Have a great day!


Hey! Welcome! Great community here. I’ve learned more about electronic music production in my time on this forum than I ever did anywhere else. Renoise is an awesome and unique instrument. And I say instrument because that’s what it really feels like to me. It’s a really unique tool that has really changed the way I look at electronic music. When I first tried Renoise I freaking hated it. I think this was at 2.4 or 2.5? I just really didn’t get it. I don’t think I even really gave it a chance. It just looked like this confusing mess of numbers and letters (I had never heard of trackers before). I eventually deleted the demo and didn’t think about it for a long time. At some point I started thinking more about electronic music. I never really considered myself an electronic musician. I always figured all the stuff I wrote would be played by acoustic instruments someday. Electronics were just a convenience. And I finally realized that I had been playing with this stuff for a damn long time. First a drum machine when I was 16, than Fruity Loops and eventually Reason. So I actually had 12 years of messing around with electronic music. And so whether I had intended it or not, I was an electronic musician and I had realized it for the first time. So I started thinking about more about it as a form of expression in the same way as my bass playing. And that’s what led me back to Renoise. I knew I needed a good tool to help extend this part of me further. I finally gave Renoise a fair shake and I fell in love. When 2.8 came out I finally bought a license. It’s a great program and very deep if you stick with it. There’s just something software that once you get comfortable with it, you can really get lost for hours just experimenting with some silly sample. That’s what makes it feel like an instrument. It has that exploitative quality that acoustic instruments can give you. Or at least it does for me. Anyways, good luck with Renoise it’s a ton of fun!


Welcome to the party! :)

Welcome on board!

Awesome! Welcome, fellow American to the Renoise forum. We are outnumbered by Europeans by about 3 to 1. But they are generally pretty cool guys (in fact that’s where most of my friends are from :D )


so don’t event try exporting your democracy here :D

Headline: Italy’s scandal-ridden and corrupt form of democracy should be raising alarms for Italians and the European Union.


Where’s the smiley with about 8 question marks over its head when you need it?

Judging from the headline it sounds like we already HAVE exported our form of democracy there.

Thank you to everyone that welcomed me!

Xerxes : were you up here for burning man? we get alot of burners in august :)

Garmonbozia : i hear ya. i start out with the guitar, moved to bass, then piano… i tried several bands but i found it hard to get the sound i wanted while having to deal with a bunch of other
musicians that want their own sound… so i went to FL Studio for a few years with some reason dabbling. i had then bought a microkorg, korg electribe, korg monotribe, novation xio49,
behringer 16 mixer, and a few other devices… after i found Renoise, i had found what i was searching for and sold all of my instruments because i didnt need them anymore. i feel that
Renoise is the best because it mixes music with computer programming in a very beautiful interface.

organic io : uh oh, so you’re saying i better watch out for those shifty europeans huh? :P

hey, don’t listen to all that yankee propaganda!

just open Renoise and disable your firewall ;)


^ How else are you going to take advantage of the free NSA file backup service?

I guess those Nosey Sneaky Americans are good for at least something.

Hi everyone

Kate Bush - Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe
Cold mountain water
Don’t ever swim there
Just stand on the edge and look in there
And you might see a woman down there
They say some days, up she comes, up she rises, as if out of nowhere
Wearing Victorian dress.
She was calling her pet, “Snowflake! Snowflake!”
Tumbling like a cloud that has drowned in the lake
Just like a poor, porcelain doll…
Her eyes are open but no-one’s home
The clock has stopped
So long she’s gone
No-one’s home
Her old dog is sleeping
His legs are frail now
But when he dreams,
He runs…
Along long beaches and sticky fields
Through the Spooky Wood looking for her
The beds are made. The table is laid
The door is open - someone is calling: It’s a woman
"Here boy, here boy! You’ve come home!
I’ve got an old bone and a biscuit and so much love
Miss me? Did you miss me?
Here’s the kitchen - There’s your basket
Here’s the hall - That’s where you wait for me
Here’s the bedroom - You’re not allowed in there
Here’s my lap - That’s where you lay your head
Here boy, oh you’re a good boy
You’ve come home
You’ve come home

good news you’re alive, Mr. Mark

Hey Itty, high five… B)