Groove Automation

Is there any way to automate the groove settings on the track?
I’d like for parts to be shuffled, and not.
It seems such an obvious, simple facility that it probably exists, i just can’t be bothered to look through the tutorial and would rather opt for a quick fix off the Renoise forum helpers.
Thanks in advance.

you can only switch groove settings on and off with F401 anf F400 respectively (available since Renoise 2.0b6).

every parameter should have an automation curve and a respective pattern command, so that’s why it’s not so obvious and simple to have this in Renoise.

Thankyou muchly, didnt understand the last part though, i know renoise has a command for every control, just couldnt work out the groove one, right clicking the on/off button at the top of the box didnt produce the desired effect…if yana woteye mean
Anyway, ill give that a go.

what I meant is that an on/off switch is very easy to add as a pattern command (in the example we simply had to assign it to F400 and F401), but creating pattern commands for changing the single groove settings can be much more complex, if not impossible.

since you asked “to automate the groove settings on the track”, I thought you wanted to be able to change the value of each single of the 4 groove parameters.

the rightclick automation probably was not added because the groove settings are not realted to a specific track