Groove Settings ... ?

Hi all,
I use the shuffling of a bpm a LOT when making songs 2 examples:

eg F003 F090
F005 F0B0
F003 F090
F005 F0B0

Now am i wrong in saying the Groove Settings in Song Properties mimics
the same principle ??
In fact could anyone explain what the groove settings actually do ?
Im having REAL problems getting VSTI’s to sync with Renoise when the BPM is shuffling as above and need to find an alternative .

Also i thought the developers were doing away with the old Speed/Ticks system
cos a lot of VSTI’s (eg Steinberg Groove Agent) only work on a certain Speed (3 i think)

A lot of people use this ‘shuffling’ of the BPM as I noticed in the recent beatbattle 3 , but as far as i can see it only causes problems with VSTI’s that can sync to BPM’s and trying to find the exact ms in the Delay DSP to get a x4 or x8 delay effect…

Please enlighten me someone if im being really dumb

personally, i’ve never used groove settings because they can’t be modified by any tracking commands. Since I always change tempo and signature into my songs, this is useless for me.

I feel like that I´ve mentioned that one already 1000th times :rolleyes:… well again:

Wouldn´t it be fine to have a control of the groove settings via pattern command? Maybe it could look like this:

efx col: Gxyy - Groove, Lines, Percentage (example: G225 would shuffle line 1&2)

When I even more think of this then I even more want have and use this to shuffle my beats :)

but is the groove settings THE SAME as modifying the bpm using f003 and f005 commands etc ???

That was my question ?
And will Vsti’s manage to synchronize to a non standard bpm ???
like is there a way to take an AVERAGE between the two bpms used in a groove and tell the vsti to sync to that??

thats how i guess the ms for the delays, copy your fxxx pattern and return the bpm (via fxxx) to the middle of the two bpms, auto set the ms on the delay device and paste your fxxx pattern back in to have the delay perfect

Its really hard to explain this im trying !!!

need to know how these groove setting work really… :(