Groove Settings

I recently wanted to play around with and see what the groove settings do. I made one pattern (4 tracks, bpm200/sp1) and as I changed the settings to see what they do, nothing happened. Am I missing something?

What’s the purpose of the grooves?

At 200bpm speed 1, it might be difficult to clearly hear what is happening. It might be a better idea to experiment with something more basic, such at this:

Try playing this with groove turned off, then again with groove turned on. The effects should be obvious.

Some mp3 examples:

Groove = off. Sounds quite flat and mechanical.

Groove = on @ 40%. Sounds more funky and swinging.


put notes on every line and you’ll hear it
all the fourth notes stay in the same place

Unfortunately, I’m still running 1.8 so I can’t see what you’re showing. But soon I’ll be updating to 2.

But anyway, so you’re saying I should lower the bpm/spd?

I heard the two tracks and I hear what you’re saying. Thanks for the help man. :)