Grooverider Sentenced To 4 Years In Jail In Dubai…icle3395661.ece

Old news, I wish somebody had told me sooner though. What the FUCK. That is terrible…

What a waste of 4 years of a talented man’s life. I bet he is miserable…

Edit: Good news, he must have gotten out of it somehow because I checked the radio 1 website and he just played this past week :)

here we can smoke but if we hit a woman we go to jail…

life is unfair :D

yeh, he got out about a month ago i believe.

what they don’t say is how he had a bunch of hardcore XXX porn!

-they look down on that quite a bit. :D

well shit, he took his chances and he failed.
there are far more talented people in jail atm ;) :P

Drugs are harmful in more ways than one.
Just don’t use, don’t make it a habit then you won’t bring yourself into trouble unawarely elsewhere.

There’s nothing wrong with using drugs in my opinion.
Even animals take drugs every now and then. As long as
you know your limits.

Apparently, in Dubai, that limit is ‘officially’ ridicously low :

I mean, WTF?!

Hehehe, I was referring to personal limits ;)
Though I admit, you have to push it to know it.

I’m fairly anti-drug myself, but this case is a human rights nightmare. A drug as non-life-threatening as marijuana shouldn’t be limited at all. In fact, if you’re going to regulate such a drug, make sure you’re regulating it for purity of substance for the safety of it’s users. Filling jails with pot users is about as logical as reimplementing alcohol prohibition, then throwing highschool kids in jail for drinking fermented orange juice to get drunk.

That being said… to Kaneel: Perhaps more women SHOULD wear miniskirts into Muslim temples in Muslim countries… these kind of things need to be shaken up to raise social awareness. Watching Bill O’Reilly freak out on his show because some transvestite “nuns” showed up for mass in a church in San Francisco absolutely blew me away… this kind of intolerance by the religious needs to stop. This is the 21st century, not the freaking dark ages.

…That being said, if you pull stunts like this, be prepared for any ensuing martyrdom.

There are cons and pro’s

If it comes to basics of survival when you end up in the middle of nowhere being stuck for weeks, i haven’t seen weed or any other kind of drugs one any survival checklist. (other than specific medicine for medical kits)

Experimenting:that’s anyone’s specific choice, but is it really necessary?
Never had a good constructive answer on that.

Renoise is not on a survival list either. Yet, you’re using it.
If we had to scrap everything from out lives that’s not necessary
to survive a week of intense city life, what am I doing on this forum?
It’s just another way for leisure, like catnip.

I understand your point, but let’s face it: it doesn’t come to basic survival.
We’re Dutch, what the hell, the closest to survival we do is at a festival or rave.
And it’s a lot easier when you’re either pep-happy or blazed into oblivion ;)

Experimenting is not necessary, true. Standing while taking a piss isn’t necessary.

is that even considered as Possession?
isn’t it rather like “the wind blew a sub-atomic weed-flake from 46 km distance on to my collar”?