"gross Chinese Candies"

syflom - gross chinese candies yt

made for a ihatebreakcore.com sample pack contest.

leave a comment even if you reckon it’s crap.

speaking of ihatebreakcore.com why has the site disapeared from the internets to be replaced with a dodgy looking search tool?

Sorry gang… unexpected error happened… should be back up within the next hour… with luck…

maybe 20 hours…

maybe 3…

seeya soon!

John Merrik!

************* that’ll be why*********

i recognise your name from there.

anyways, did you listen?

yep - loving the beatage - one day i’ll work out how to do beats like that… i’ll vote for ya when the site is back up 8/10

yeah this one is quite good. some of the others on there are a bit crap imho… your beats are very good, although some of the melody bits don’t work so well for me personally… . this criticism can be levelled at alot of breakcore however… vsnares even dare i say it lol :D