Group Colours Applied To Children

Is it possible to set child tracks as “transparent” in some way, so that they show the same colour as their parent group? This seems to me more intuitive than having to separately set children to the same colour, or have the group colour only applied to the group effects column.

Maybe a setting to automatically colour the child tracks to varying shades of the parent’s colour?

an option for this makes sense to me. when you edit the track color of a group track, let it have a button to have all tracks inside the group change to the group color.

now, what would happen if you add a new track to the group? does it take the group-color automatically, or do you have to click the button again to also apply it to that track?

edit: just found out you can do nested groups as well. ideas on how this should be implemented with multiple nested groups?

also, i think this might be scriptable.

I would probably do it the other way round, where individual children could adjust their transparency (alpha) value relative to the parent group. This could range from 0% (fully transparent, child track has identical colour to parent group) to 100% (child track applies its own colour, ignores parent colour). Anything in between would blend the child’s colour with the parent colour to a varying degree.

Handling nested groups is trivial then, you just determine the colours by starting with the topmost parent and blending downwards (just like if you had a whole load of semi-transparent layers in GIMP/Photoshop).

Maybe if there is an “Children Inherit Parent Colours” tickbox, then that solves the problem of having new tracks take the colour or not.