Group DSP effects

…do the same grouping thing as for tracks, but for effects in the DSP chain… :w00t:/> :dribble:/>


I’ll pay full Renoise license price for this feature alone, I don’t need two years of free upgrades

20% - clean signal
20% - holy moly are you kidding me, stupid dumb distortion
20% - weird buggy phaser squiggle
20% - waaaaaaaaaaaashed oooooooout deeeeeeeeeelay tooooooormeeeent
20% - who knows what else

slap it back together, and do it all over again

all this before you even hit a send

What would also be really cool is to attach DSP chains to instruments, as well as tracks, and they’d get saved in the .xrni files!!! :dribble: :dribble: :dribble:

Yeahhh… … … …

This is not just grouping though. You’re probably thinking about Ableton. Well that’s alright. But this is more than grouping this is splitting+regrouping in one “combinator” effect. That’s what Ableton Live does (pretty awesome) with the effect rack with the lil’ mini channels+mixer thingy.

I must say this is pretty useless to say as the Renoise team have shown to try and not give a f* what one guy says he needs for production.
(It’s funny though.)

This indeed has been asked for gazillion times, check the other topics, and please stop drooling all over my post