Group Mute/solo/unmute Behavior

would be cool if groups acted like sends in this regard. i.e. unmuting a track in a group would unmute the group it’s in as well, all the way up.

It makes sense but if one wants to prepare various subtracks to make audible but leave several muted, one can do this and afterwards unmute the group to toggle these tracks.
I don’t know how much use there is for the latter situation.

that’s a really good point, i can see myself using it like that. sort of as a “poor-man’s multi-track queueing” in a way.
turn on the kick and the clap and then wait to drop them both at the same time.

i may just need more time to play with it.

It is just a question, you have now two options:one to queue tracks and one to always affect either the send and the track you are working with. Once the group muting is being aligned with the send behavior, this opportunity gets lost.