Group Tracks

I dont know if anyone already suggested something like this, but I think that would be pretty cool and should be not so hard to implement for the developers (at least I think so :-):

It would be nice if you can group tracks together. For example you have a pull-down menu at the top of the Pattern-Editor, where you can define groups, for example:

Track 1, 2, 3 and 4 - Drums and Percussions
Track 5 - Bass
Track 6,7,8 - FX

When you “Drums and Percussions” only Track 1 to 4 are displayed. All other tracks are hidden and so on.

kinda like in FL studio… In some cases it could be useful indeed…

Well, why not adding 4 subtracks in one track and rename that track to “Drums and percussion”?

The only thing what Renoise currently not have is the option to focus upon one track only (leaving the rest to the void while editing).
Plus the fact that you can’t use individual effects upon various percussion instruments when they share the same row.
Though with sendtracks, you can apply different dsp effect chains, also not on instruments individually.