Grouping Audio Channels, Bussing And Sends

i’m not sure if my terminology is correct, so you’ll have to bare with me. is it possible within the new renoise to split the audio from one track to different channels and then apply different fx to them? ie. taking a bass sound from one track and splitting it into three different tracks and apply differing fx to the 3 them?

You could use multiple send devices in the channel, where the instrument is playing. Press the keep source button on the first ones and route them to the desired amount of send channels.

thx for the reply.

is there any way in the new renoise to take audio outputs from different audio channels from a program like kontakt? ie will renoise recognise audio sent to audio channels 3 and 4 and allow me to treat them differently to audio from audio channels 1 and 2 ?

You can use multiple outputs from samplers like Kontakt using alias instruments, but you can’t process them seperatly currently, you’ll need to add another instance in that case.