Grouping Instruments


i am working with relatively a lot of samples and sometimes it can get unmanageable and I have to search around to find the right sample.

I have thought about that you can create “Groups” for the instruments and individually name their cathegory. It could look like this:

You could easily switch between the groups and move samples via drag and drop or simply merge groups.

Whether one prefers Instrument groups or not could be switched individually on or off in the properties.

What do you think?

I like it, it could also be a forward step to layered instruments. + 1

This is in addition Multi-Sample Instruments, or what?

You guys know you can already do this to some extent. Especially for something like the amen. A drumkit is standard procedure.

Splitting a drumloop or sequence across multiple instruments, you could also have all samples in the same instrument each attached to their own note.
If you need more notes assigned to one sample, simply assign each sample to more notes having their first assigned note as their base-note.

@ Conner_Bw and vV

Yes, i am familiar with the Multiple Sample Indstrument Keymapping, but that’s not what i mean. The Sample Keymappimg has a totally different workflow which i am not used to. The basic of my suggestion is the division of the already existing Instruments to give more clarity.

Regarding the work with the Amen break:

  1. Working with sample offset 09XX is pretty good, but slow. For very complex breakbeats it’s probably the best solution but for the amen break it’s not, in my opinion. Having all the slices in the Instrument window has a quicker workflow than having to type the 09XX commands and looking up what their offset number is.

  2. Working with Instrument Keymapping gives me a long time to get used to what sample is assigned to which button. Furthermore, you can’t easily change the pitch when needed. It’s better to have an immediate look at the Instrument Selector and you know where you at.

This is why i work my way. Especially when a 2nd or 3rd drum break is added to the song the Instrument Selector gets overcrowded where Instrument Groups would be a great help.

I hope you understand me.