Grouping Plugins: Additional Features

When grouping plugins, besides drag’n’drop there are also some other features missing. Would maybe very nice if it has the following features:

1. tree collapse/expand memory
Remember tree collapse/expand of every node, even after restarting Renoise

2. Color picker / codes
A color picker with maybe 6 color codes to color every node like OSX Finder has. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. This could highly improve the clarity.

3. Change auto collapsing behaviour
If I expanded the effect browser and do some naming, grouping or hiding operation, the browser will implode again. Better would be stay expanded. Also if I load a plugin, why the effect browser collapses? This collapsing on load only is wise for the synth/generator browser, not the effect browser.

4. Vendor name in plugin name optionally per node
A feature to show the vendor name in the plugin name optionally per node. For example, if I sort plugins by type, maybe a case like this can occur:

 Delay 1  
 Delay 2  

Now sometimes I don’t know the vendor because the plugin itself is just called “delay” from different vendors. If I could select all problematic plugins and choose the option “add vendor name” for these, it would solve the problem in an easy way.