Grouping plugins, and transferring these to new Renoise version

Hi, like the title says, I was wondering if transferring of grouped vsts to a new version is currently supported.

Last time I did that it took me a good afternoon, (since I have a lot of plugins :P) and then after a short while a new version was out…

So before I start doing this again, is there a way to save this categorisation, or rather transfer it when a new version comes along? Having everything neatly in it’s appropriate category saves a lot of time, only if I’m gonna have to do this again sometime soon I might not bother with it.

This sounds like it will be saved in the preferences xml. So if you leave 3.0 installed when you install 3.1 I think it should be added automatically to the 3.1 preferences

edit: just to be sure are you talking about renaming plugins or adding them to favourites?

Neither, what I did was first ungroup them (as they are originally grouped by author) and then make new groups, like dynamics, filters etc.

Then when i need something I just type the category in the search box and pick one.

It would be nice if this was saved when upgrading to 3.1, because when I went from 2.8 to 3 it was all gone…

I see, never used that feature here, I can see why you would want it preserved,

hopefully someone who knows can chime in.

Yes, it’s a real time saver, so if this would work for the next version I would be really happy :smiley: